New Online Course – Dog Sports Essentials!

July 16, 2015 by Lynne Stephens

Have you ever heard that

You must do Obedience before you begin Agility?
You must not teach your dog to sit if he is to succeed in the Conformation ring?

Training for multiple sports is impossible?
You have to have your CGC before …….
Training for Therapy work is totally different from ……
You cannot possibly do agility with a Schutzhund dog.
And so on ….?

If so, we would love you to take a look at our “Dog Sports Essentials” 12 week online course, available now on the Karen Pryor Academy website.

We have written this course specifically to address these and similar issues and to dispel some of the most common myths surrounding dog sports training.

It is our firm belief (backed up by thorough and ongoing education and over 70 years experience in multiple sports between us) that, not only can you, but you should provide your new puppy with a broad training framework that will set you both up for success in any sporting venue of your choice. We use the word “framework” advisedly. We feel that the more commonly used, “foundation” can be interpreted as skills that are taught to puppies but which may then be abandoned in favor of the “real training” that takes place as the dog grows older. The fun games and activities within this course will help you to teach and understand skills and concepts that will provide a relevant framework for you and your pup throughout his sporting career and beyond.

Unlike other sport specific courses, our aim with “Dog Sports Essentials” is designed to help you to understand and be able to apply the training principles that underly any activity you may wish to pursue with your dog.

Are you a breeder?
If so, this course would be a wonderful resource to recommend to your new puppy owners, whether they their goal is to bring up a happy and balance family pet or to train a future sporting companion or both!

If you need more information than you can find using the link above, please feel free to contact us at or

Happy training!
Lynne Stephens (KPA CTP) Karen Mielke (KPA CTP)