Teaching the see-saw

August 09, 2012 by Lynne Stephens

Everyone loves to see a happy dog negotiating all the obstacles around the course with speed and confidence. All too often though, one or more of the obstacles seem to pose a problem for the dog, marring an otherwise perfect performance. The see-saw can often be such an obstacle. Let’s face it, the see-saw moves and makes quite a bit of noise as it hits the ground!

As with everything in training, it is wise to do a thorough job with preparatory foundation work before even considering teaching your dog the see-saw. (More about this in later blogs!)

However, that done, I also consider it best practice, when introducing the actual obstacle,  to teach it in gradual, carefully measured steps. With this in mind, I have developed a product which makes this easy to achieve for individual enthusiasts and trainers alike. I have named this product –  the TipAssist, which accurately describes it’s function.

Watch this short video to see some of the ways the TipAssist will help you and your students to achieve great results.



In the group situation, the TipAssist makes teaching the see-saw to amixed ability class much more manageable than using some of the other, more established tools. It is light-weight and easy to move and adjust, making heaving heavy tables and chairs a thing of the past.

One area where I now find it  invaluable is when helping students to re-train dogs who had previously been afraid of the see-saw due to some of their earlier experiences. It is also brilliant for encouraging speed and independence in dogs right from the start.

As an instructor, I could not go back!

This short video shows some of the dogs we have helped to regain their confidence on the see-saw, using the TipAssist. (More video footage will be posted as it becomes available)

Here are a few words from the owners of these dogs.

“Farley had lost his teeter confidence after an unfortunate belly flop. He tended to rush up the teeter with no regard for the fact that it tipped. Lucky for me the timing was perfect; Lynne had just developed her prototype, so we used it to re-start his teeter training from scratch…and it worked like a charm!! It was fun to watch Farley’s progression as his confidence was reestablished using the TipAssist.
He now confidently navigates the teeter like a champ, and seems very proud of himself!!”

Kathy Dail


“I love the “TipAssist”!  Pong was afraid to get on the teeter and didn’t like the movement.  Within a few short weeks, he was running to the end.  The transition of lowering it was smooth and he didn’t even seem to notice.  Now he is able to do the teeter without hesitating and actually likes it!  Amazing!”

Cindy Zeisler  


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