Control Unleashed 2

July 01, 2012 by DogLogic Training

This class is offered as a continuation for those of you who have mastered the skills taught in Control Unleashed 1 and whose dogs are ready for an increased challenge. It is by no means a traditional group class. The pace set is determined by your dog and the other dogs in class. For those of you who aim to compete in agility competitions one day, this class will provide an invaluable way to begin to incorporate your new skills in a low key agility setting.

These may be classes that you will want to repeat over and over or one 7-week session may be enough to give you all the tools you need. Class size will be limited to six dogs with a minimum of four dog/handler teams.

Cost: $140 for 7 weeks (payable in advance) The first week is without dogs. Classes will be held outside in the agility field so are weather-dependent.

* Important / prerequisite – Control Unleashed 1 must be completed before enrolling in Control Unleashed 2.

These classes may be run throughout the year as demand warrants. Email Karen via e mail or call her at 704-546-5911 for further details.