Our Dogs

April 05, 2012 by DogLogic Training


Turbo, our 7 year old Border Collie loves life and competes regularly at the Excellent / Masters level. He is a joy to own and train and, like the rest of his family, shows a natural flair for agility, which he loves. Turbo has qualified several times and has competed at USDAA Nationals. Take a look at our Facebook page or YouTube channel to see Turbo enjoying some of his agility runs.


Taco, one of our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, decided that he really does love just that – being a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Taco is quite a character at home. He loves his clicker tricks and will do anything for a treat.  However, he decided to leave the agility to those who really love it. Taco has just been joined at home by a little sister, Tynamite. We are hoping that she will enjoy playing agility with us – but in the meantime, she loves playing with Taco and the rest of the gang at home.


With only one day to live before her scheduled euthanasia, Cheyenne, (an eighteen month old GSD.) came to us via an e-mail from the humane society, innocently opened by Kevin at work. Since her arrival at DogLogic, when she had little idea that the name on her collar belonged to her, she has proven herself to have both beauty and brains. She enjoys agility, learning tricks, going for long walks and searching for things I have dropped along the way. Cheyenne’s most challenging task is to make up for her lack of socialization with other animals. We spend any spare moments taking her out to meet other dogs, people, noises and situations. I particularly enjoy our trips to Starbucks and the Wal Mart parking lot. She is a great teacher and has already helped me to help quite a few owners with dogs in her situation. Agility competition is in the five year plan, never say never.


Photos and bios of Bizzy, Ty and True – coming shortly to this page!

And waiting at the Rainbow Bridge and in our hearts forever are:

Brandy (CKCS) – Our first pet. Thank you for introducing us to the wonderful world of dogs.
Misty (Belgian Tervueren) – My Working Trials Princess.
Blitz (Belgian Tervueren) – My Working Trials Prince.
Chase (CKCS) – Pete’s first agility partner.
Jet (CKCS) – (Quiz’s mum) Thank you for making me aspire to be a better handler. Because of you, I am where I am today.
Nicson (CKCS) (Quiz’s brother) Pete’s World Championship Partner.
Scratch (B/C) We rescued you and you taught us so much. Another agility partner for Pete.
Chess (B/C) (Turbo’s uncle) Lynne’s wonderful agility partner.

Quiz (CKCS) and Lynne’s very special agility partner, taking her to the very top of agility, including World Championships in 2003 / 2004

Trio (CKCS) Loving family pet, loved life, walks and sleeping on the sofa.

Tess (CKCS) Karen’s loving agility partner for many years – and sister of Quiz.

Tag (WSD) Another rescue who taught us a lot – regularly gave Karen a run for her money in the agility ring.