Board Training

February 20, 2012 by DogLogic Training

Imagine going on vacation and giving your dog the opportunity to play, learn and relax in a luxurious, countryside facility.

If you are looking for a place to board your dogs while on vacation, why not go one step further and let us board and train your dogs while you are away.


  • Expert training using positive reinforcement-based methods
  • Individualized care with only four exclusive kennel suites
  • Large fenced area for playing, walking and training
  • Experienced, qualified trainers and owners are onsite
  • Current license and inspection to assure health and safety

Each suite features:

  • 90 square feet of indoor, heated/air conditioned comfort
  • 100 square feet of private patio accessible via dog door
  • Complete privacy in the suite and patio areas with solid walls to facilitate a quiet, relaxed atmosphere
  • Televisions to watch their favorite movie and make them feel at home
  • Double safety doors