TREIBALL CLASSES AT DOGLOGIC! New classes starting soon! Call for details!

October 31, 2012 by Lynne Stephens

Treibball classes Wednesday evenings – Beginner and Advanced. Contact for details of classes.

Watch Treibball in action below!




You’ve  heard about it, you think it might just be for herding dogs,

you’re wrong. There  is no breed limitation for this sport. Large and small,

giant, herding and toy  breeds can all play.

Maybe  you like to compete, this sport is for you.

Maybe  you like to play at home, this sport is for you.

Maybe  you need more off leash control of your dog, this sport is for you.

Maybe  your dog just isn’t cut out for agility, and obedience seems too

formal, this  sport is for you.

Maybe  you want to help your dog learn more impulse control, this sport is

for you.

Maybe  you are looking for something to do with your dog that requires

more energy from  him than from you, this sport is for you.


Come  and find out about the sport of Treibball. One thing is for sure, whether you choose to compete or just play in your own back yard; both you and your dog have a lot of fun to look forward to. 


Certified  American Treibball Trainer, titled competitor and judge.

Karen Mielke